Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome to the World Royal Baby

The wait for a young woman to give birth to her first child - certainly Wait Kate dubbed by British media, the first step being copied by the German - apparently lasts forever. The Süddeutsche Zeitung suggest week is as chewy as gum for three Brits waiting in queue for the throne.

Bild has days bring continually-updated 'Is the baby born yet? "rope on its site, with baby stroller swoop across the page only to be followed by the answer: Nein. When the Duchess of Cambridge in a hospital on Monday morning, newspaper sites carry live feeds of the front door of the hospital.

Clear anticipation overwhelmed Bild editor for a while, because they fill the pages with the declaration that the door had closed from the hospital more attractive than Wimbledon.

The big headline "Windeldon" randomly selected punch almost said Windeln - diapers - and Wimbledon. Would they be smart to include the first part of the name Windsor in anyway? Or is it just happy accidents?

By night, the baby was born safely, click on Bild.de curious result surprise baby cries as a technology to be mad with joy and audio embedded into the page. The paper immediately swung into action with wild claims "What will probably happen today" including infants and Kate look at public speaking. Live feeds from in front of the hospital continues though - might wait for the new small family address their adoring international public.

Readers are also urged to submit their suggestions for the name - just in case the English royal family stuck and decided to check the German tabloid paper for inspiration.